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the hunts in prague

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A Happy Meal with the McDonalds

Our amazing friends, the McDonalds, are moving to Warner Robins, Georgia next week.
Though we’ll be thrilled to see them when we’re there to visit Jake’s family, we in the Queen City will miss them terribly.
Last night several friends from our old life group took them out to celebrate. Tastiness at 300 East and then Nutella Pie at Cantina. Hello, heaven.

Alex, Me (this prego shot’s for you, LM) Heather, Rebecca, Curtis, Paige, Jake, Jessica & Adam

We’re already missing you, McDonalds, and love you very much.

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Welcome, Andrew!

A couple of weeks ago, Carrie, Lindsay & I went out on the town for a girls’ night.
Two pregnant ladies and a mom of two– it was one wild night.
Wild enough, in fact, to put Lindsay into labor…

…and the next morning, the Dyers welcomed sweet Andrew into the world!

Our crew went to visit.
Prayer quad: Carrie, Me, Lindsay, Mary

The boys and the kids: Bennett, Jake, Celia, Adam, Henry & Tyler

We’re so excited to finally have you here, Andrew!

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Father’s Day

On Friday, some good old-school sprinkler craziness.

Today, I was treated to a wake-up song and a special prize:

This afternoon we went to the park with the Dirks and McNamees. Sam loves Bella Peppers.

And, as you may recall, laterwelon.

Turns out Mr. Tyler got a special prize too.

Being a dad is just about my favorite thing in the world. It was great to be spoiled by my sweet family today!

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In the Lake You Will Find Me….

While Jake studied for ordination, Sam & I met Kathryn, Corbin & Isaac at the Childers’ lake house for a moms-n-sons rendezvous. We had a blast!

A highlight of each dock visit- the golf cart!

[Hmmmm… so far 2 out of 3 pictures show Sam picking his nose…. nice.]

Sam’s excitement about the lake varied by the hour, but he was always happy to wear his “special jacket.” It was a good thing, too, since he fell in the water halfway through our second day there.

Corbin, on the other hand, was a true fish.

Mom, Grandma & Peter came up for a quick visit, resulting in this beauty, the only photo of me from the whole trip.

Thanks, Dutchers, for a wonderful visit!

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Dinner at Eight

Late last year Mary & Lindsay had the genius idea to start a monthly supper club of several couples from our church. It was our turn to host last weekend, and we went with a build-you-own-kebab theme.

Cherith, Adam & Tyler

It took a little creativity to get everyone seated in our 1100sq ft condo, but we managed (and it was a mixed blessing that 4 members of our group of 16 couldn’t come!)

Dave, Mary, Cherith, Lauren, Adam, Carrie & Tyler

Sweet Mary got the dishes started after everyone left while I put my pregnant feet up for a few minutes. Thanks, friend!