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Big Boy Bed!


A big change happened at our house this week:

And it’s gone off without a hitch. We haven’t heard a peep!

Today we added the pillow, and he didn’t move his whole nap. Same thing tonight, so far:

So once we get potty training, reading and driving down, we figure that’ll be about it!

4 thoughts on “Big Boy Bed!

  1. congratulations! I hope every night goes this smoothly. BUT if it doesn't just remember that it takes most of us about two weeks to get them used to it. 🙂

  2. i want to train caia to her big girl bed, but she's wetting through so bad in the night now! it's one thing to change and wash crib bedsheets everyday, but big ones! ugh!

  3. This is so exciting!!!! This is also what makes blogs SO fun. I mean, when else would I be so excited about Sam's big boy bed?? Way to go, Sammy!!

  4. m m m ..0005.24152++3645112 bbvvvvvvvvvvvvffff This is just a little message from Maggie to Sam…he'll know exactly what it means.

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