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A Happy Meal with the McDonalds

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Our amazing friends, the McDonalds, are moving to Warner Robins, Georgia next week.
Though we’ll be thrilled to see them when we’re there to visit Jake’s family, we in the Queen City will miss them terribly.
Last night several friends from our old life group took them out to celebrate. Tastiness at 300 East and then Nutella Pie at Cantina. Hello, heaven.

Alex, Me (this prego shot’s for you, LM) Heather, Rebecca, Curtis, Paige, Jake, Jessica & Adam

We’re already missing you, McDonalds, and love you very much.

One thought on “A Happy Meal with the McDonalds

  1. Melissa, Thank you for keeping up with our blog. Especially right now… life can seem a little lonely but excessively busy at the same time (if that makes any sense) and I feel like a get a huge hug every time that you leave comments. Thanks also for your opinion on the house deal… seems to be the general thought but we're still waiting on the Lord so I'll keep you posted and will put pictures of our outcome. We love you guys…and oh, by the way, I am certain that your friend went into labor due to laughing so hard at how funny you are ! I miss your funny jokes and all of the "table distractions"…ie, playdough worms coming out of apples..heehhee

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