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I finally passed the last step before ordination! Saturday I was approved by Central Carolina Presbytery to be ordained as a Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church in America. (You can see why Presbyterians love acronyms.)

The ordination service will be August 16 at 6 PM, at Uptown here in Charlotte. If you’re nearby or feel like making the drive, please come join us.

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It doesn’t show up that well in the picture, and it actually healed within a couple of days. But last week Sam got a pretty wicked bruise when he messed with the business end of a Uhaul truck.

The truck was at the Capes’ house (which is officially SOLD!) at the bottom of a steep driveway. Sam was riding Silas’ four-wheeler when he lost control (maybe…), rolled down the driveway, and caught the bumper of the truck with his face. Yowzah.

Mercifully, neither parent witnessed the carnage and Mr. Adam quickly came to his rescue. Sam had a great recovery, even riding the offending bike again like nothing happened. “I trong and co-WRAY-jus!”



We mark Chick-fil-A Cow Day on our calendars and look forward to a free lunch every year.
Two years ago, Jake & I got to split Sam’s earned meal. This year he was a little more possessive with his “ticken nuggits.”

Creating the costumes

Up close with the celebrity de jour

Reverend Cow, Little Calf, and Prego Cow

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Second, Third & Fourth of July

The Nash crew came for a visit a couple weeks ago.

Happy (Late) Fathers Day!

A lunch at Brixx, one of Grampa’s favorites.

We hit Southpark for the CSO’s special Third of July event. It was the perfect way to celebrate and wrap up our weekend.
Waiting for the orchestra to begin. Who’s more interested?

At first the boy wasn’t so sure about the fireworks…

…but he warmed up quickly.
“I not (s)cared. They not quiet- they LOUD! I on Daddy shoulder. I not (s)cared, Mommy!”



Last month Carrie & I took the kids to her parents’ house while the guys were at the PCA’s General Assembly in Florida.

Sam slept on our ginormous queen-sized air mattress. He felt like a king.

We got to visit the Columbia zoo.

“I feed da goat. In my haaand!”

Carrie was just as excited about milking the cardboard cow.

I love this shot of Henry!

We thought this would be a cute photo op.
Instead, summer heat + metallic lion = tears. Oh well.

There was lots of lake time, and this was not the first time Sam’s worn a pink life jacket this summer.

Working on a secret project for Fathers Day.

Could they be cuter buddies?!

Back on the road… this time with Bella to keep us entertained.

Thanks to GrandmaLinda, PoppaZ, Carrie, Maggie & Henry for a wonderful week!