Blue Sky

the hunts in prague


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We pretty much lost the summer of 2007 because we had a newborn. (Given the choice, we’d take Sam over the pool any day.) Last year was better, but he wasn’t walking yet and was much more a baby than a toddler. This year, summer has returned with a vengeance, and we are eating it up– often literally!

Fresh vegetables and grilled meats. Happy family.

Ice cream on the porch most nights.

Getting back to nature.

Key lime pie that never seems to last long.

And more chocolate ice cream!


One thought on “Summer

  1. I love the photos! How are you doing? Is pregnancy going well ? How are you guys on your support and what are the plans for Prog( sp??) ? I am sooo envious of your grass! How funny…mostly because I didn't realize that I missed it until I saw Sam watering yours. Maybe it was that I miss my guys being little enough to stand in the yard naked and it be cute… if they did that now everyone would run….maybe from the whiteness of it even more than the nakedness ….. we love you guys…Melinda

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