Blue Sky

the hunts in prague



Last month Carrie & I took the kids to her parents’ house while the guys were at the PCA’s General Assembly in Florida.

Sam slept on our ginormous queen-sized air mattress. He felt like a king.

We got to visit the Columbia zoo.

“I feed da goat. In my haaand!”

Carrie was just as excited about milking the cardboard cow.

I love this shot of Henry!

We thought this would be a cute photo op.
Instead, summer heat + metallic lion = tears. Oh well.

There was lots of lake time, and this was not the first time Sam’s worn a pink life jacket this summer.

Working on a secret project for Fathers Day.

Could they be cuter buddies?!

Back on the road… this time with Bella to keep us entertained.

Thanks to GrandmaLinda, PoppaZ, Carrie, Maggie & Henry for a wonderful week!

2 thoughts on “Zaepfelicious

  1. "Instead, summer heat + metallic lion = tears. Oh well."Ha,ha,ha!!! 🙂

  2. thanks for posting the milking picture of me, that is definitely something I want to share with everyone.

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