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the hunts in prague


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It doesn’t show up that well in the picture, and it actually healed within a couple of days. But last week Sam got a pretty wicked bruise when he messed with the business end of a Uhaul truck.

The truck was at the Capes’ house (which is officially SOLD!) at the bottom of a steep driveway. Sam was riding Silas’ four-wheeler when he lost control (maybe…), rolled down the driveway, and caught the bumper of the truck with his face. Yowzah.

Mercifully, neither parent witnessed the carnage and Mr. Adam quickly came to his rescue. Sam had a great recovery, even riding the offending bike again like nothing happened. “I trong and co-WRAY-jus!”

One thought on “Shiner

  1. That's a nice shiner. I had one a few weeks ago like that, but it was because I ran into the butt-end of a surgeon's knife (stupid skin cancer). I think Sam came out better than I did.

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