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the hunts in prague


Big First

We agreed that we would cut Sam’s hair “at the end of the summer.” For me, that meant “after the end of the summer, and after I stall until you forget for a few weeks, and then a little later after that.” For Melissa it meant “after ordination.” I guess she was probably right.

At any rate, Melissa has years of experience cutting hair– mostly mine– and Saturday was one of her best performances.

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Happy Birthday Kelsey!

Today is Aunt Kelsey’s birthday. My “baby” sister is 20!

She is super fun, loves Jesus, has a heart for missions, and makes her whole family very proud.

We made 2 birthday videos for Kelsey. The first was perhaps a tighter performance, but we decided the second better represented Sam’s enthusiasm.

We love you Kelsey! Have a special day!


Baby, Baby

Carrie, Lindsay & Mary threw me a sweet baby shower last weekend.
It was tough to pinpoint a theme since we’re still clueless about the gender, so they instead invited guests to help us get ready for Prague. Several people brought warm & rugged stuff to get our sweet one ready for Czech bundling.

The teacups added to the European theme.

Doesn’t she look European?

Mom & I

My sweet hostesses, minus Lindsay, who had to leave early.

My mom, Jake’s mom, Jake’s Nene, Jake’s sister Kelsey, and my Grandma.
And, of course, The Belly.

Thanks, ladies. I feel spoiled & blessed by you all!


Big is Beautiful

I’m 36 weeks pregnant and we had another ultrasound today.
Tyrone is following in Sam’s footsteps: S/he’s measuring two weeks ahead and is already around 7.5 pounds!

Sweet profile.

This explains the heartburn.

Positioned perfectly under my ribs.

We can’t wait to meet you, sweet one!

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Presbyterian Prep

A lot went into preparation for Jake’s ordination.
Yes- seminary, tests, oral exams, etc. were all a part of it, but there was more.

There were a lot of big days and a lot of well-wishing banners at home. This was the most Presbyterian of them all.

Shopping for a new suit.

Modeling the new suit, both boys GQ style.

Trying on the robe and practicing the benediction with guidance from The Short One in a Box.

First piece of official mail arrived…. from his mom.

And, finally, shopping for my dress. Wow. Now that’s a belly.


Rev. Jake Hunt

Fair warning: Big day = long blog post.

This weekend we celebrated my ordination as a Teaching Elder (=minister, pastor, etc) in the PCA. It was a great time of worship, as well as a great time with family and friends.

Our friend Daniel took tons of great pictures, so you have him to thank for all these!

I will always treasure this picture– our church family worshiping together in our beautiful (leased!) building.

Trivia: In the PCA it’s not an individual church that ordains, but a presbytery, which is all the elders in a given geographical area. Since that’s about 100 people, they designate a commission of elders to carry out the ordination. Most of my “commish” is on the front row here.

The worship team was an all-star lineup: Shane, Paul and Christy from Uptown and Taylor & Jessica from Athens days. Here’s a taste:

Then, at the end of the OT reading, some excitement: the fire alarm went off!

So just like most normal worship services, this one included an evacuation. At least it was a nice night.

Sam’s evening wouldn’t have been complete without an appearance by the fire truck.

All was well, so we returned, and Taylor & Jessica brought the noise with Taylor’s song “Roll Away the Stone.”

Among friends who took part in the service was Phil, our team leader in Prague, who preached a great sermon. We were so glad the Davises were in town to share in the celebration!

Our pastor Tom Hawkes administered my ordination vows.

After I took my vows, the elders laid on hands and prayed for me a la 1 Tim 4:13-14. Then Tom gave the official pronouncement:

After charges to me and to the congregation, one more prayer and the closing hymn, my first act as a Reverend: the benediction, complete with raised hands.

We had an awesome reception with lots of tasty Jake-oriented snacks. I.e. dark chocolate, bacon, and chips. Our friends Virginia (Camera Daniel’s wife) and Amy executed it flawlessly– we were amazed and grateful.

We had an impressive family showing!

One more with the Davises.

And one just because we had a good photographer.

The day was very special and very humbling. We’re grateful that so many of our family and friends were there to share it with us.