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An Overdue Shout Out


This blog post is dedicated to our sweet reader Pam Downs.
Her daughter, Annie, is an old friend from Athens and is in Nashville tending to her for-real writing career. We hung out with her last week while she was in Charlotte for a conference.

Pam may not even know that we know that she stalks our blog, but we do, and we appreciate her love of Sam and his curls. We especially appreciate that she’s already memorized the words to “I Not Whining.”
So thanks, Mrs. Downs, for keeping tabs on the Hunts. We hope to not disappoint you with the years of blogdom to come!

2 thoughts on “An Overdue Shout Out

  1. I just said this morning that I had no idea why neither you nor Annie had posted a photo of Annie with my favorite blog personality, Sam! I am totally jealous that she got to see him in person again! And I have memorized the words to "I not whining" but am still working on that illusive melody :)!

  2. WEIRD. I'm good friends with Annie Parsons, who is good friends with Annie Downs. I met Annie Parsons through blogging early last year (2008) and then met her in person in Nashville July 2008. Through Annie Parsons blog I've "met" Annie Downs and read her blog. And now, here on your blog, I see a picture of you guys with Annie Downs. It's just weird and cool. That's all. :)Oh, and I'm a fellow WHM missy, which is how I got connected to your blog. 🙂

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