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Move That Bus!

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Melissa’s “nightstand,” since we moved, has been all the framed art that we haven’t hung, leaning against the wall by the bed. In the process of prepping the room for Tyrone, we’ve finally packed all that for Prague and gotten it out, which meant it was time to find a real nightstand.

Fortunately for us, there was a neighborhood thing last weekend that involved lots of yard sales, and M found a piece with “vision.” She saw more vision than I did. After some consultation and talking the seller down by $10, home we went with a new nightstand. M promised that the necessary work would be done that day, and she delivered.

First, the blistering veneer had to be peeled off the top. (Should’ve gotten a before picture, I know.)

Then, a little sanding…

…a little stain (left over from M’s bridesmaids’ gifts… yes, the ones from our wedding)

…and BAM. $15 never looked so good. And never was a woman happier to have her own lamp.

One thought on “Move That Bus!

  1. so cool – I am really envious (I mean, admiring) your skill and patience to do such greatness 🙂

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