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I Want To Get Ice Cream!


We had an agreement with Sam: If he took all 5 naps this week without his bink, he would get a special treat.

(Now, he wasn’t getting the bink anyway, so the agreement was guaranteed to succeed. And we get this particular treat about once a month. But that’s the beauty of bargaining with a 2-year-old.)

It worked. And so we present this (long) video to give you a realistic taste of life with a very chatty boy who loves ice cream.

3 thoughts on “I Want To Get Ice Cream!

  1. Well, he doesn't seem to have any trouble expressing his feelings 🙂 That kid is chatty!! Love it.

  2. I enjoyed every minute of that 4 minute video. And Melissa you will have to provide me counseling and advice in about a month when we attempt to give up the paci as well.

  3. I loved it when Sam put dirt in his blizzard and then said "What happened?" Classic boy moment. Keep that attitude up, it'll go far with every relationship you'll have with women… mess up and put blame elsewhere or question it. Trust me it'll work… Okay, I need to go apologize to my wife now! 🙂

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