Blue Sky

the hunts in prague

Big is Beautiful


I’m 36 weeks pregnant and we had another ultrasound today.
Tyrone is following in Sam’s footsteps: S/he’s measuring two weeks ahead and is already around 7.5 pounds!

Sweet profile.

This explains the heartburn.

Positioned perfectly under my ribs.

We can’t wait to meet you, sweet one!

2 thoughts on “Big is Beautiful

  1. now, having never been pregnant nor having a wife that has been pregnant, this is all going on hearsay mind you (but some of it hearsay from my science teacher in school, so i thought i could trust it), but isn't the human gestation period 9 months? if you are at 36 weeks… and a month has 4 weeks… is Tyrone just being shy?

  2. I know I have said this before but the Rhodes fam loves them a big, fat baby. Mine weren't quite as big as Sam(and Tyrone) but big nonetheless! You look great and we cannot wait to "meet" this sweet little baby!

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