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Presbyterian Prep

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A lot went into preparation for Jake’s ordination.
Yes- seminary, tests, oral exams, etc. were all a part of it, but there was more.

There were a lot of big days and a lot of well-wishing banners at home. This was the most Presbyterian of them all.

Shopping for a new suit.

Modeling the new suit, both boys GQ style.

Trying on the robe and practicing the benediction with guidance from The Short One in a Box.

First piece of official mail arrived…. from his mom.

And, finally, shopping for my dress. Wow. Now that’s a belly.

One thought on “Presbyterian Prep

  1. I recently went shopping for suits (2) and hope I don't have to purchase another in the next 10 years. They're too daggum expensive. Of course, I have the robe purchase to look forward to in the spring.You look very preacherly (ministerly/missionarily)!

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