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the hunts in prague

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After a delightful, restful hospital stay (this is a lot easier when you’re not afraid you’re going to make the kid spontaneously combust!), Foard came home Sunday afternoon.

Shouldn’t have moved those shoulder straps to the bottom slot.

Sam was SO excited to see Mommy, Daddy & Foard. He ran all the way down the sidewalk to us like a movie or something.

Another sign! (It took me a couple of hours to realize it was the back of the “Happy Birthday” sign from the hospital.)

Then, as is the custom in the Hunt crowd, there was singing. And as is the custom in the Nash and Alligood crowds, there was some cake.

Finally, we got down to the business the Hunts do best: reading books.

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Sam, Foard. Foard, Sam.

As promised, here’s more of Sam & Foard’s introduction.

The brothers swapped presents, sort of a get-to-know-you thing. Turns out they both like trucks, so it looks like we’re in for a harmonious decade or so.

Foard did a great job. This fire truck has pretty much been the biggest thing that ever happened to Sam.

Our boys are very happy together so far. We know there will be some punches thrown here and there, but pray that they’ll be best friends.

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It’s Great To Be A Georgia Bulldog

As M noted in the previous post, football season has arrived at our house. And now that Sam’s aware of what’s going on, he’s learning the finer points of Georgia fandom.

It’s not every day in our house that you hear, “No, son, we’re not going to read another book right now; we’re watching TV.

Dressing up for free chicken.

Calling the Dawgs. (This is from the OK State game, which inexplicably wasn’t shown in Charlotte.)

And, cheesy though it may be, celebrating the win at church the next day.