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the hunts in prague


Chaos: The New Normal

Life is still happening at the Hunt house.
Sometimes just barely.

Morning rewards for staying in bed!

Poor Foard never knows what we’re gonna throw in his stroller.

Reading. Reading. More reading.

An unflattering picture (notice the spit-up on my shoulder), but fun nonetheless.

We rarely miss an opportunity for napping.

And then, there’s this.

Total anarchy.


Support Update

It’s been a while since we posted an update on the Prague support front. We are glad to report that the news is good: the Hunts are at 92% of our needed monthly support!

A lot of good things have happened to bring this about, including our faithful home church more than doubling their already-generous support to help get us out the door. We also have several church meetings & speaking opportunities in October, and are praying that God will use these to bring in much of our remaining need.

We are planning (planning, not just hoping!) on a January departure for Prague. But we can’t buy plane tickets or make final commitments until 100% of our support is in. We would like to buy our plane tickets in November to get a good deal.

SO… please pray with us!

  • Pray for our 3 mission conferences and 2 church meetings in October, that all of them would result in churches and individuals joining our support team.
  • Pray that our remaining individual “asks” will also result in new supporters.
  • Pray specifically that we’ll be at 100% before Thanksgiving.
  • Pray for us as we start to work on transition details, which are really overwhelming.
  • Join us in praising God that this is really happening. We haven’t always believed it would. But he is faithful!


Foard Update

Updates on Foard:

  • 11 lbs as of yesterday (Wednesday). This was especially good news because it can take awhile to get big babies back to their birth weight. We don’t seem to have that problem this time.
  • Eating like a champ. When he stays awake.
  • Sleeping like a champ most of the time.
  • Opening his eyes a lot more… just not for the camera.
  • Stomach seems a bit more delicate than Sam’s, but this is getting better. (I’m being vague on purpose.)


Thanks Ooh-La-La!

Even though I wasn’t taking finals and starting a new job when Foard was born, there’s NO WAY we could have made it through the first week with sanity intact if it weren’t for M’s mom helping out.

Grandma Cindi (AKA “Ooh-La-La,” believe it or not) is very good at:

Holding babies.

Entertaining boys while their parents sleep/shower/clean/take a breath.

Making it possible for Mom & Dad to both be in the picture.

Even swinging!

When we were ready to give it a go on our own, Grampa Bill came back to pick up Ooh-la-la. Sam basically thinks Grampa Bill is a rock star, so he was pumped.

He was even more pumped when he saw what came with Grampa Bill.

We celebrated our re-entrance into society with dinner at Revolution Pizza.

Yay for grandparents!