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Thanks Ooh-La-La!


Even though I wasn’t taking finals and starting a new job when Foard was born, there’s NO WAY we could have made it through the first week with sanity intact if it weren’t for M’s mom helping out.

Grandma Cindi (AKA “Ooh-La-La,” believe it or not) is very good at:

Holding babies.

Entertaining boys while their parents sleep/shower/clean/take a breath.

Making it possible for Mom & Dad to both be in the picture.

Even swinging!

When we were ready to give it a go on our own, Grampa Bill came back to pick up Ooh-la-la. Sam basically thinks Grampa Bill is a rock star, so he was pumped.

He was even more pumped when he saw what came with Grampa Bill.

We celebrated our re-entrance into society with dinner at Revolution Pizza.

Yay for grandparents!

2 thoughts on “Thanks Ooh-La-La!

  1. Yay Ooh-La-La!!! Still the best grandparent name EVER, I think.

  2. Grandparents are such a blessing. Can we ever say thank you enough?

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