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the hunts in prague

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(quick trip to the playground)




Oh, sweet mystery of life, at last I’ve found you.

After. We didn’t put that much of a dent in it.

Uncle Andrew swapped an extra piece of pie for a hug.

The turkey coma set in before Foard even ate.

This was the auxiliary turkey, used solely as a vehicle for gravy & stuffing. Pretty humiliating to give your life simply to have bread crumbs shoved into your cavity.


The Nashes’ neighbor Syd helped introduce Sam to the Wii. She came to regret it, as Sam beat her at baseball.


We met the Jenkins/Hunt crowd for a day-after lunch.

You can only ask a two-year-old to sit at a table for so long.

Foard got to meet his Grandmary, who predictably thought he was pretty great.

My great uncle Crawford and his wife Jane have always loved Sam, and Foard is no different.

This high chair has been in the Jenkins family for several generations, so they like to get pictures of kids in it. Not sure whether they’ll like this one– maybe another take in a few months.



We’re so far behind that you can probably just expect to see random posts from the past for awhile, along with current antics.

Anyway, now that it’s Thanksgiving, perhaps you’d like some Halloween pictures. We had a very fun Halloween.

We carved a pumpkin. Sam threw around lots of pumpkin guts.

Hello, I’m Johnny Cash.

We had a very kind dinosaur at our house for the day.

And Miss Jessica was here on Friday & Saturday.

AND Gaffer came to go trick-or-treating with us!

We had a very determined trick-or-treater.

And a chili pepper who was sweltering a bit in the covered stroller.

Our 6-months-pregnant playgroup friend had one of my favorite costumes.

As far as I know, this is one of only two pictures of us without either of the kids since Foard was born. (In the other one we’re Johnny & June.)

It was a good night to have the new stroller.

And a great night for extra hands!

Our neighbor had made Sam his very own gift basket! Beats a handful of candy corn any day.

The soaked but happy trick-or-treaters.


Magnify the Lord With Us!

This is the post you’ve been waiting for (well, other than baby announcements).

We are thrilled, humbled, thankful, and still a little shocked to announce that we have reached 100% of our needed monthly support for Prague!

As you heard in our last update, we reached 92% last month and began praying that the remainder would come in by Thanksgiving, so that we could buy our plane tickets in early December and have most of that month to plan our move. God began to answer those prayers quickly: new individuals came on, current supporters increased their pledges, and we began to hear from the churches we met with in October. Suddenly, at the end of last week the spreadsheet had good news! (And the spreadsheet doesn’t lie.) It was a moment and a day we’ll never forget.

We’re gearing up for a departure in late January. Our stuff will hit the high seas in the middle of the month, then we’ll head out later to try and arrive in Prague just in time to find a flat at about the same time the stuff arrives.

Many of you have walked this trail with us through prayers, giving and loving us through this seemingly endless transition. Many of you know that there were times we doubted whether it would really happen. Many of you have seen some of the good fruit the unexpected delays have brought about. Our God does all things well. Thank you for sharing this journey with us, and for continuing to pray for us.

“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy!” (Psalm 126)



Sam’s getting excited about our move to Prague.
Here’s what he knows so far:

“I go to duh train potty” [We’ll start potty training after we get over there.]
“I see different Owen” [Owen Syvertsen, as opposed to our playgroup friend Owen, will be a new friend.]
“I go high high up in de air” [we’ll take a plane to get there.]

More revelations to come, I’m sure.