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We’re so far behind that you can probably just expect to see random posts from the past for awhile, along with current antics.

Anyway, now that it’s Thanksgiving, perhaps you’d like some Halloween pictures. We had a very fun Halloween.

We carved a pumpkin. Sam threw around lots of pumpkin guts.

Hello, I’m Johnny Cash.

We had a very kind dinosaur at our house for the day.

And Miss Jessica was here on Friday & Saturday.

AND Gaffer came to go trick-or-treating with us!

We had a very determined trick-or-treater.

And a chili pepper who was sweltering a bit in the covered stroller.

Our 6-months-pregnant playgroup friend had one of my favorite costumes.

As far as I know, this is one of only two pictures of us without either of the kids since Foard was born. (In the other one we’re Johnny & June.)

It was a good night to have the new stroller.

And a great night for extra hands!

Our neighbor had made Sam his very own gift basket! Beats a handful of candy corn any day.

The soaked but happy trick-or-treaters.

3 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Looks like you guys had a great Halloween! You all had wonderful costumes. Great family pic of you all!

  2. Love the Johnny and June costume. Now, Jake, I'd love to hear you say the line. Can you get your voice that deep?

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