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Sam & Foard’s Baptisms

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This weekend both the boys were baptized. It was a special time to share with our flesh-and-blood family and with our church family at Uptown. We are grateful that our kids have the privilege of being part of the household of God, and we look forward to the day when they claim the promise of the Gospel for themselves. (Scroll down for video if you’re so inclined.)

It was also very cool to have our friend Dave performing the boys’ baptisms.

Sam was well prepared. This was the only mischief we had.

Uptown has a cool tradition where fathers read a blessing for their kids. You can read Sam & Foard’s here, or watch it below.

Afterward we had a lovely brunch at home with all the family who came. Here’s Sam showing his delight at lots of grandmothers fussing over him.

And our customary group shot.

Now, for the hardcore readers, the video (if you’re reading on Facebook, you’ll have to click “View original post” down at the bottom). First, Pastor Dave’s intro:

The blessing:

The charge and vows:

And the event itself:

Finally, there’s a good chance some of our readers are wondering why our boys were baptized so young. If that’s you, you can read Jake’s brief case for infant baptism.

One thought on “Sam & Foard’s Baptisms

  1. You better believe I am one of those hardcore readers. Thanks guys for making me feel like I could be there 🙂

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