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Play Me Some Mountain Music

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We had the precious privilege of visiting with the McCanns in the mountains while they were stateside in October. It was a precious time and a great encouragement to us to hear their stories, hopes and struggles from almost two years on the field as real deal missionaries.

Lindsey’s mom carved these cute pumpkins and they greeted us at the door.

Lucy welcomed Foard with sweet cuddles.

Lucy & Sam. Though technically these two have been friends their whole lives, it took them a couple days to get reacquainted and excited about playing together.

We had the honor of celebrating the big #3 with the big sister.

Pinata: a Honduran must-have for every birthday party.

Sam: “What happened?”
If you’ve been around our two-year-old, you know that question can only mean one thing… that he knows exactly ‘what happened’.
Sorry, Ellie.

Henry & Tyler

I would have loved to know what this conversation was about.

Any friend of books is a friend of Sam’s.

Sometimes he tells us he “needs some space.” More than happy to oblige, buddy.

Sorry, ladies. It’s just meant to be….

We fried stuff.
Big surprise, I know, but it was for the missionaries.

Not far from the mountain house is a hilltop clearing with a gorgeous view.
Last time we went up there, Lindsey was just pregnant with Lucy. This time we took along SIX kids! Craziness.

Hunt boys love chips!


Jake, Sam, and beautiful scenery.

Family shot.

Cabin fever made us ready to get outside, even in the rain.
Foard hid in my jacket.

Looking down onto Foard (Fjord?) in the Bjorn. You can tell he wishes he was still snug in the womb.

The ‘big’ kids.

Thank you, McCanns, for the sweet visit and your even sweeter friendship!

One thought on “Play Me Some Mountain Music

  1. Wow…I can't figure out which pictures are more amazing…the meadow or the fried stuff. Looks like a great trip!

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