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Christmas at Home


For our last Christmas in the States, we decided it was important to do Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at home– go to our church’s service, have Sam sleep in his own bed and open presents by his own tree. Everything in our lives is pretty crazy right now, and honestly so was this night. (Remember those two kids we have?) But there was a little peace in being at home.

You can imagine Sam’s delight at getting to sit with friend-of-friends Maggie at church. You can also imagine how impeccable his behavior was. Right.

When I told Sam “During part of church, you get to go up and sit with Pastor Dave!” he took me very seriously. He has never been to a children’s sermon before, but marched right up there like a pro.

Given the option several times to go to his “class,” he insisted on sitting through the whole service, and did a pretty good job. (Although you’ll note the blur.)

Gaffer’s lighting skills came in handy for the money Christmas shot.

And the more-realistic followup. (Sorry, Dad.)

Sam enjoys the traditional Hunt Christmas Eve meal of spaghetti & meatballs. (We’re working on him and red sauce. It’ll come.)

Christmas morning, a great surprise: matching PJ’s! “I wearing my Foard PJ’s! And Foard wearing his Sam PJ’s!”

Gaffer and his boys.

Best thing about a 2-year-old at Christmas: He had no idea there would be presents until the moment we opened them. I don’t think it’ll go like that next year.

Cars have taken over our house. Sam has seen the movie twice and has no clue about the plot, except that the cars “have eyes and a nose and a mouf.”

Christmas was off to a banner start! Stay tuned for more…

2 thoughts on “Christmas at Home

  1. My 3 year old nephew on Christmas after opening a present and seeing what it was, "Where my next present?!"

  2. Yay for Christmas at home! And don't be blaming Gaffer's lighting on your good picture…the four of yall have taken SEVERAL great pictures since becoming a family.

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