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the hunts in prague

Daaaa Bearss.


The week before Christmas we took our traditional trip to Uptown Charlotte to see the singing bears. This time it was a full-out prayer quad affair with our several children.

We got to ride the trolley, which probably would have been enough of an adventure for the kids.

Then we commandeered the back quarter of the dining area.

The Kulp girls, big kids who go to school, have the best lunch gear.

Melissa and Carrie did some practice rounds with the (empty) stroller to tackle M’s phobia.

Bennett will always have a place in my heart, not least because her arrival made M want kids at least 6 months earlier than she otherwise would have.

Sam scooted up right next to Cel in the front row. (Later he had to be told that he couldn’t just shove other kids away from their spot on the front row.)

Escalators are actually a great wind-down-the-clock tool.

Finally, the kids (sans Dirks) got to live out the dream: climbing on the giant hand that every Uptown kid notices every Sunday on the way to church.

3 thoughts on “Daaaa Bearss.

  1. I love that you did a practice round!!!

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