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the hunts in prague

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Home Away from Home

[This post has been waiting in the wings for over a week now– it’s a little dated, but I still wanted to get it up there!]
We’ve been crashing with the Davises since we arrived in Prague on February 2nd. They’ve been more than gracious hosts– they’ve fed us, carted us around, answered our never-ending questions, and included us in every part of our lives for three weeks now.

Sam & Piper have been two peas in a pod. They’re constantly up to something– sharing snacks, playing games and laughing together in the back seat of the car.

The big kids have also been kind to share their lives with us.

It’s always craft time at the Davis house– I personally couldn’t be more thrilled.

Life in our temporary home has included familiar activities…

…and some new ones!

Last weekend Shanna hosted a tasty Valentine’s Day brunch, including gorgeous cookies compliments of Lucy & Clark

Piper, Clark, Lucy, Shanna & Phil– words will never expressed how well you’ve welcomed us to Prague– thank you thank you thank you for being our home away from home. We love you all!


Show Me… Paint the Fence!

We’re nearing the home stretch of flat preparations– our crate should be here Thursday, and we promise to post pictures/video soon.

blue = master bedroom
brown = guest bedroom
taupe = den/dining room
green = boys’ bedroom

Jake transported everything to the new house on the bus in the stroller.

Sam was thrilled to help in his new room.


Home Sweet Home

Jake’s on his way to sign the lease now, so I guess I can finally post pictures of our neighborhood and the outside of our new flat!

Steep hill walking up to our street

Looking to the right from our front gate

View of the front door from the gate
First floor: little window=guest bathroom
Second floor: smaller window=kitchen, larger window=eating area
Third floor: smaller window=bathroom, larger window=bedroom

Our ‘garden’ (back yard) is the left half of this picture behind all the trees

Looking down the hill– see the faint spires of the castle in the top right?

GoogleMaps has some great satellite images of it– if you’re interested, email me and I’ll send you the street address.
We’ll do a video tour of the inside as soon as we can!


Random Tidbits

Just some interesting things we’ve noticed/acquired in the last two weeks.

From left to right:

  • I picked up this salad dressing at the store the other day. No idea what kind it is: Ranch? Caesar? Creamy Italian? Tartar sauce?
  • All the kids wear thick tights under their clothes to stay warm. These are Foard’s from H&M. Sam has some with dinosaurs on them.
  • This skeleton key is one of three we use to access the Davises’ place. Who knew those were around anymore? Very cool.
  • We took the boys to the doctor on Friday and they prescribed this herbal stuff for his cough. When I took the prescription to the pharmacy, they just wrote the dosage on the box– no name, no expiration date, nothing official.

You think you know how to use the internet… till this pops up.

  • Yogurt-covered rice cake thingys that the kids love!
  • My first grocery purchase: organic lemons. You know I’m out of sorts– Old Melissa would never purposely buy organic lemons. I’m too cheap.
  • Milk comes in small bottles and you stock up on several of them at a time
  • My first potraviny (small grocery store) purchase: rosehip jelly. I wasn’t paying attention and thought it was strawberry, but it works just fine for pb&j’s!
  • Cheese lollipop– another kids’ snack favorite.


On The Road One Last Time

We took one last tour of families & friends before we flew out of Atlanta. Random pictures from those visits:

The Hunts in Greenville

The Dutchers in Dawsonville
[Matching Batman pj’s and new bunk beds– does life get any better???]

The Alligood clan in Warner Robins

The Nash clan in Lawrenceville

[I had to get one last pecan waffle before we left the States]


Sleep Troopers

We’ve been in transition for awhile now, which means lots of home and lots of different beds for our boys to sleep in. The Lord’s been grace-full, though, and they’ve really done well in spite of all the changes.

Can you spot your beds in these pictures?