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the hunts in prague

In Which We Totally Invade Our Friends’ Lives For A Week And A Half


Between moving out of our house and leaving Charlotte, we spent 11 days living in the Kulps’ basement.

Dave and Mary have been in on our Prague journey since our first trip in November 2006. Which is when this picture is from, because we didn’t take any with the adults while we were there.

The best thing about being at the Kulps’ was built-in siblings for Sam, at a time that otherwise could have been really hard. The girls were excellent hosts. So excellent, in fact, that there was some sibling rivalry over time with Sam, so Mary & Melissa scheduled individual lunch dates for Sam with Celia and Bennett. B’s turn was first.

We read lots of books. Sam is still quoting some of them.

It took a couple of nights to get the sleeping arrangement just right, but once we got Sam in a “little tiny bed” in our room and Foard in the laundry room, we were golden. Congratulations, Second Kid.

Celia was seriously very helpful with Foard. M looked for her every time he needed a bottle.

Celia gets her turn for solo lunch with Sam.

Mud day!

And yes, there was the occasional lazy PJ morning.

Thank you, sweet friends, for loving and serving us this way!

2 thoughts on “In Which We Totally Invade Our Friends’ Lives For A Week And A Half

  1. So sweet…You guys, Foard is looking CUTE!!!

  2. celia: i love the playdates with Sam. I love holding Foard and giving him a bottle.Bennett: when are you ever going to come back here and when you do i want to have a muddate with you again….Milla- baby fowawd… hunt (sam hunt)….we love you!!! come back anytime!

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