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the hunts in prague

A Marathon of Goodbyes


Charlotte was a sweet home to us for 5 1/2 years, and leaving it was a tear-filled process made bittersweet by the Lord’s gift of thousands of memories with so many wonderful friends.

We’d love to dedicate an entire post to each special relationship, but we’re trying to catch up the blog so that we can get to posts about Prague. So here goes a marathon of goodbyes

A special visit from the Purdys

Saturday picnic with the Dyers

Sweet girls night at the Dirks’

Our neighborhood playgroup farewell party
[I’m pretty sure the cake says ‘good luck,’ but I don’t start my Czech lessons for a few a more days]

A special night of tears & laughter with CRobb & JDean

And one more day of fun with the Dirks

Finally, our church prayed for us on Sunday morning, and we were off.

We love love LOVE you, Charlotte!

2 thoughts on “A Marathon of Goodbyes

  1. Oh my gosh, all the pics of the kids laughing make me want to cry!

  2. gosh, thanks for fixing my red-eye…except if you click on the pictures, it looks like i have those oh-so-trendy black contacts. whatever the eye oddity, i'm just blaming it on all the tears 🙂

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