Blue Sky

the hunts in prague

He’s Gone Country


One sweet farewell treat was a weekend away at the Jacksons’ country house with the Dirks, the Dyers & the Kulps.

While the ladies stayed inside and culivated our domestic sides…

…the guys went out and found manly man things to do.

Enjoy some hilariously bizarre videos.

We gorged on a last Southern meal at LoneStar…

…where Carrie & Lindsay bonded over their love of bad childhood movies.

The guys built a sweet bonfire and we bundled up around it.

Can’t even remember what this was about– good picture, though.

Foard enjoyed some major attention as the only child on our trip.

Sweet time together.

Thanks, friends, for the great memories.
[And thanks, Mom & Dad, for the toddler-free weekend!]

2 thoughts on “He’s Gone Country

  1. what do you mean "bad" childhood movies…no one ever said they were bad. i dare you to watch it.

  2. you people are my favorite people.

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