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the hunts in prague

Six Ways to Pray


We’ve been in Prague almost a week now. As blog readers know, God has been good to us: all our travel went really well, all the bags made it, and we had a great team waiting to love and serve us through our transition. Thanks for praying for us– it made a huge difference.

Now we need you to pray some more.

We are in full-on transition, and it is hard. Here are six specific ways we would love for you to pray for us daily.

  1. Pray for Foard’s sleep. His poor little body just can’t figure out a schedule. It’s been really hard to get him to sleep at night, and then he wakes up a lot. As a result we (especially Melissa) are strung out and frazzled pretty much all the time. (Since I started this message he’s had one night with only one wakeup– pray that he keeps it up!)
  2. Pray for Sam’s behavior. The transition has been just as hard for him as us. He is doing remarkably well, but is really having trouble with self-control, especially his mouth. This is normal 2-year-old stuff amplified by our life situation.
  3. Pray for our parenting. We are not at our best right now either, which makes us even more frustrated with the boys. Pray that God will give us patience, grace, and wisdom with them.
  4. Pray for our marriage. We’re hardly getting any just-the-two-of-us time. And of course, the stress makes us snippy with each other too. Pray that we’ll love each other well.
  5. Pray for wisdom in picking a flat and negotiating the contract. We think we’re close to a decision. Pray that God will help us choose wisely, that we’ll be on the same page, and that we’ll be able to come up with a good contract. (Here you can negotiate for things like home improvements when signing a lease.)
  6. Pray that our crate will arrive early. It was randomly selected for a US customs exam, missed its scheduled shipment and now isn’t supposed to be in Prague until Feb 20th. We think our flat will be ready before then, and we want to be in our new home ASAP– although our hosts the Davises are treating us like royalty!

We know you’re praying for us. Thank you. We could not be here without God moving through your prayers. Please keep them up and pray for us often the next few weeks, especially for the things we’ve listed here. We’ll keep the pictures coming.

5 thoughts on “Six Ways to Pray

  1. Hey Guys! Looks like you had some sweet times before you left home. Will most definitely be praying for you as we so very much know that chaos and how it can creep into every aspect of your life.

  2. Your posts of good-byes and these requests make me on the verge of tears as it's all too familiar and I feel I can connect the dots and fill in gaps cause we're still there too!Definitely praying for you and your little ones….and especially your marriage. These are some hard and very different times!many blessings,Brandy

  3. I've got your six (military talk I learned from NCIS – tee hee)

  4. hey guys, im just catching up on blogs! we'll pray for yall-its so hard to do with kids! love yall!

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