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Sleep Troopers


We’ve been in transition for awhile now, which means lots of home and lots of different beds for our boys to sleep in. The Lord’s been grace-full, though, and they’ve really done well in spite of all the changes.

Can you spot your beds in these pictures?

4 thoughts on “Sleep Troopers

  1. i spy my guest room and laundry room!

  2. i love that you documented this! i think y'alls journey told from sam's perspective would make a great kids book…

  3. Gaffer votes for swift return to photo #1. And you can tell Grandmary was prepared for everything, with that vacuum so handy in the shot.Great work, Melissa …. looks like you PLANNED the sequence!!

  4. i am impressed with the number of different beds sam has sleeped in! and so glad that yall are in your new home so he can finally have HIS bed!

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