Blue Sky

the hunts in prague

Random Tidbits


Just some interesting things we’ve noticed/acquired in the last two weeks.

From left to right:

  • I picked up this salad dressing at the store the other day. No idea what kind it is: Ranch? Caesar? Creamy Italian? Tartar sauce?
  • All the kids wear thick tights under their clothes to stay warm. These are Foard’s from H&M. Sam has some with dinosaurs on them.
  • This skeleton key is one of three we use to access the Davises’ place. Who knew those were around anymore? Very cool.
  • We took the boys to the doctor on Friday and they prescribed this herbal stuff for his cough. When I took the prescription to the pharmacy, they just wrote the dosage on the box– no name, no expiration date, nothing official.

You think you know how to use the internet… till this pops up.

  • Yogurt-covered rice cake thingys that the kids love!
  • My first grocery purchase: organic lemons. You know I’m out of sorts– Old Melissa would never purposely buy organic lemons. I’m too cheap.
  • Milk comes in small bottles and you stock up on several of them at a time
  • My first potraviny (small grocery store) purchase: rosehip jelly. I wasn’t paying attention and thought it was strawberry, but it works just fine for pb&j’s!
  • Cheese lollipop– another kids’ snack favorite.

5 thoughts on “Random Tidbits

  1. Love it! Keep the new discoveries coming! How is Jake with his boys wearing "tights"? 🙂

  2. Sinupret is exactly for my homeopathic doctor gave me for a sinus infection in December! Worked wonderfully for me!

  3. KK: As long as there are dinosaurs or other monsters we're good. Also it's frickin' freezing, so lots of previous standards go out the window.

  4. hmm – cheese lollipop – interesting… everytime i read the word rosehip jelly i dissolve into a fit of laughter – seriously what is a rosehip and what does that stuff taste like?!?

  5. Hey Melissa! I love seeing your pictures — new home and shopping purchases. heavy tights, Yes! You and Jake will be looking for your size! glad for them, I have never been so cold in my long life as in Prague and Veinna the first part of Dec.'02 Jan. is maybe even colder there! Burrrr, I am chilled thinking about it. Hosehips … the first "gift" Dave ever gave me was rosehip tea from Germany very popular in Germany where he had been stationed in the AF. Lindsey, the hip is the fruit of the rose plant –the seeds are there to make more roses! Go find someting with rosehips in it! I love it — herbal therapy rather than an antibiotic!! Good stuff God gave us naturally.Have fun unpacking…..setting up your new home.

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