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Home Away from Home

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[This post has been waiting in the wings for over a week now– it’s a little dated, but I still wanted to get it up there!]
We’ve been crashing with the Davises since we arrived in Prague on February 2nd. They’ve been more than gracious hosts– they’ve fed us, carted us around, answered our never-ending questions, and included us in every part of our lives for three weeks now.

Sam & Piper have been two peas in a pod. They’re constantly up to something– sharing snacks, playing games and laughing together in the back seat of the car.

The big kids have also been kind to share their lives with us.

It’s always craft time at the Davis house– I personally couldn’t be more thrilled.

Life in our temporary home has included familiar activities…

…and some new ones!

Last weekend Shanna hosted a tasty Valentine’s Day brunch, including gorgeous cookies compliments of Lucy & Clark

Piper, Clark, Lucy, Shanna & Phil– words will never expressed how well you’ve welcomed us to Prague– thank you thank you thank you for being our home away from home. We love you all!

One thought on “Home Away from Home

  1. I'm sorry…did that little kid in the video say, "Are you shaking your booty?" Because if he did – that is hilarious. What's even funnier is how Melissa confidently and without hesitation answers, "I am". Love it – laugh out loud funny! So glad you guys were taken care of. They look like such a fun family!

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