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the hunts in prague

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Vienna, Solo

Monday and Tuesday I (Jake) headed back to Vienna to pick up our short-term visas.

I missed the direct train I wanted by about 5 minutes, and therefore risked changing in Breclav with a 5-minute window. It worked. (These are the kinds of things you don’t try when traveling with kids.)

Of course, it was on the short leg that I had this fancy compartment all to myself.

Then I stayed in the prestigious “small single” at the local hostel. Aptly named.

Whenever I’m in Vienna– both times I’ve been in Vienna– I try to maximize the number of kebaps (same kind of sandwich as Achim’s!) possible in the time available. This stand at the train station claims to be the best in the city… somehow I doubt it.

Nonetheless, it was a fine sandwich. But the one I had last week at the Italian place is my favorite so far. (More research is needed.)

It was a very nice day for the train ride back.

Oh yeah, I did get our short term visas. And of course, the best part was coming home to shenanigans like these:


Visa(s)– They’re Everywhere You Want To Be.

Last week we took a quick trip to Vienna to begin the process of getting our visas.
Someday we’ll get a chance to go back and really enjoy the sights, but for this trip our goal was to pack light, get in and get out with minimal drama.

We took a train. Mostly fun.

Get a load of these legs.

We stayed in a hostel. Thanks to the Syvertsens for a great recommendation.

The drama unfolded at the Czech Embassy. While our brave delegate fjorded the murky waters of international relations…

…we camped out in the lobby and attempted to hover under the radar. At one point, there was crayon on the embassy windows, a sandwich crust on the floor, and several matchbox cars strewn about, but we were never asked to leave.

Thank you, Capes, for the coloring kit. It proved invaluable in so many many ways. You really have no idea.

Mr. Klaus, the president of our great Republic.

A short delay before our return connection called for celebration pastries.

By the end, we were tired. Really tired.

As far as we can tell, our applications were processed and submitted. Jake will return to Vienna on Monday to continue the process– please pray for continued favor with the government!


These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

We just got back from a whirlwind trip to Vienna (more on that later), and it naturally inspired many things Sound-of-Music.
So I wanted to share just a few random favorite things about our life in Prague.

Sam’s school is in this precious little neighborhood with lots of hills and winding roads. There’s a rooster that lives behind the school [haven’t captured a picture of him yet], and he’s always cocka-doodle-doo-ing when I’m there. It just seems so welcoming and quaint.

These are the sprinkles we used for Foard’s half birthday pancakes. I know they’re sugar just like the American ones, but something about the willow green and the cornflower blue makes them look extra simple and less refined to me.

You have to pay for grocery bags here, so, naturally, everyone brings their own to the store. Our friend, Paige, learned of this and sent some cloth bags for us to use. According to her, this one had a tacky logo thing on it. So she fancied it up a little. That’s “stuff” in Czech. Could she be more precious?!

Another friend, Catriona, recently moved to the States from Scotland, and had lots of wisdom for survival of our first few months here. She suggested that I find a tree near our house and ‘adopt’ it as my measure of our progress here. As the tree changes, it can remind me that we, too, are changing– that we are progressing, that things aren’t the same as they were three months ago, etc. Thankfully, I’ve already found the perfect tree, just outside my kitchen window.
On this particular day it was covered in new snow. Today it’s already starting to bud. See? Viola! Change and progress.

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A Sweet Hunt Half Birthday

We set a precedent in November ’07, so it seemed natural to invite friends over again to celebrate Foard’s first six months!

The kids helped Jake with halved pancakes and halved links of sausage.

Shanna’s special-recipe pancakes were then souped up with whipped cream & sprinkles. Hello, sugar heaven.

And the sweet HalfBirthday Boy enjoyed every minute of it in his special shirt (thanks, Miss Lindsey!)

We really are so grateful that the Lord has held Foard in the palm of His hand for these last crazy months– they certainly haven’t been tranquil– and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

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St. Patrick’s Day

We didn’t think enough ahead to import food coloring(!!!), so when we couldn’t find it at our local Albert, we improvised.

Viola! Green eggs & ham (dyed with spinach juice), guacamole, and black bean puree.
Sort of a holiday take on huevos rancheros.

And key lime “dairy dessert” as our final course. Mmmmmm…..

Hooray for St. Patrick!