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the hunts in prague

We’re Still Here!

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We’ve moved into our new flat, just don’t have internet yet, so it’ll still be awhile before we can get pictures up.
Please keep praying for us– that our new flat will feel like home, that the Lord will work out the kinks of setting up the house, and that Foard will sleep through the night!!!
Thanks for loving us well!

One thought on “We’re Still Here!

  1. Hey Melissa,This is Lindsey Nipaver Thompson, I was an AGD the same small pledge class as Karen Gailey. SO I found your blog through the AGD newsletter and was particularly interested in it because I am half Czech and half Slovakian. SO I thought it would be neat to see how life is over there. (right now I live in Lenoir, NC and went to grad school in Charlotte, NC back in 05') My grandfather grew up in Prague. While reading posts on your blog to find the story behind how you got there I was happily surprised that you know my childhood friend, Annie Downs. I played soccer with her growing up and went to highschool with her, small world. I read her blog these days too.Hope you enjoy life over there and look forward to reading your blog!

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