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the hunts in prague

Flat Love


We moved in last Friday, but took these pictures while our flat was empty and still being prepped.

Our new home is a row house– long and narrow. Three ‘living’ floors and then a basement for storage, washer/dryer and backyard access.

Entrance– not too exciting, but Czechs remove their shoes before entering anyone’s house, and there’s a fabulous closet for storing them right by the front door!

There’s also a bathroom on this little hallway, but the pictures all came out weird– go figure.

Office/Guest Room– that’s right– come see us and we’ll hook you up!

Sun Room (just off guest room)– one of our favorite things.

Patio and Backyard– Raise your hand if you prayed with us for an outdoor play area! Thank you, Lord!

One big room– den on one side…

…kitchen and eating area on the other side

A closer view of the kitchen. Fancy schmancy.


Boys’ Bedroom- halfway through being painted

Looking down the hall from the bathroom

Enormous closet– it’s one for all four of us

Master Bedroom– once we moved in we realized it has a gorgeous view of the castle!

Looking back down the hall from the master bedroom

Stairs leading down

Laundry Room/Storage. That washer/dryer combo is all in Czech. Hello, GoogleTranslator.

There you have it. Hope to see you HERE sometime!

6 thoughts on “Flat Love

  1. seriously, you say the word and i am there to enjoy coffee from that amazing wall unit 😉

  2. Great pictures. Love the semi-spiral staircase.

  3. it's beautiful – so spacious – i love it! can't wait to visit 🙂 love the back area – what an answer to prayer! miss you 😦

  4. Wow friends, it is awesome! I love the den/kitchen area, what a great living space AND a great space for hosting folks! It's so neat to see your new HOME! We pray the Lord would make it home quickly. Baxter keeps asking to pray for baby Foard…I'm thankful for his heart as it reminds me to pray often! Love you guys.

  5. I love all of it! And I really like those floors! I hope that moving went well and that yall are quickly making it your home!

  6. A view of a castle…oh my Maggie Dirks' little head is going to explode when we come visit…there will be Sam, Foard and a castle…oh my! PS Maggie is still naming all her baby dolls "foard" boy and girl alike.

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