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the hunts in prague

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things


We just got back from a whirlwind trip to Vienna (more on that later), and it naturally inspired many things Sound-of-Music.
So I wanted to share just a few random favorite things about our life in Prague.

Sam’s school is in this precious little neighborhood with lots of hills and winding roads. There’s a rooster that lives behind the school [haven’t captured a picture of him yet], and he’s always cocka-doodle-doo-ing when I’m there. It just seems so welcoming and quaint.

These are the sprinkles we used for Foard’s half birthday pancakes. I know they’re sugar just like the American ones, but something about the willow green and the cornflower blue makes them look extra simple and less refined to me.

You have to pay for grocery bags here, so, naturally, everyone brings their own to the store. Our friend, Paige, learned of this and sent some cloth bags for us to use. According to her, this one had a tacky logo thing on it. So she fancied it up a little. That’s “stuff” in Czech. Could she be more precious?!

Another friend, Catriona, recently moved to the States from Scotland, and had lots of wisdom for survival of our first few months here. She suggested that I find a tree near our house and ‘adopt’ it as my measure of our progress here. As the tree changes, it can remind me that we, too, are changing– that we are progressing, that things aren’t the same as they were three months ago, etc. Thankfully, I’ve already found the perfect tree, just outside my kitchen window.
On this particular day it was covered in new snow. Today it’s already starting to bud. See? Viola! Change and progress.

3 thoughts on “These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. Is this your way of telling us your preggers….budding and all?

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