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the hunts in prague

Visa(s)– They’re Everywhere You Want To Be.


Last week we took a quick trip to Vienna to begin the process of getting our visas.
Someday we’ll get a chance to go back and really enjoy the sights, but for this trip our goal was to pack light, get in and get out with minimal drama.

We took a train. Mostly fun.

Get a load of these legs.

We stayed in a hostel. Thanks to the Syvertsens for a great recommendation.

The drama unfolded at the Czech Embassy. While our brave delegate fjorded the murky waters of international relations…

…we camped out in the lobby and attempted to hover under the radar. At one point, there was crayon on the embassy windows, a sandwich crust on the floor, and several matchbox cars strewn about, but we were never asked to leave.

Thank you, Capes, for the coloring kit. It proved invaluable in so many many ways. You really have no idea.

Mr. Klaus, the president of our great Republic.

A short delay before our return connection called for celebration pastries.

By the end, we were tired. Really tired.

As far as we can tell, our applications were processed and submitted. Jake will return to Vienna on Monday to continue the process– please pray for continued favor with the government!

6 thoughts on “Visa(s)– They’re Everywhere You Want To Be.

  1. love the tushy on Foard in the "leg" picture and the tummy on Sam in that last one. I hope it didn't get stuck between the seats. Those guys sure are cute and missed!

  2. i didn't know santa was the president of the czech republic! seriously…i don't know how y'all are making it traveling all over the globe with your little boys. i am convicted by the fact that i don't know if i could give up my schedule for Jesus the way you guys have. i love reading about all of your adventures and am excited to see what the Lord is going to do through the hunts in prague!

  3. Love the pics! I get encouragement out of all the stuff you guys are going through just for the novel idea of planting a church in the middle of atheist central. Big thumbs up! Makes me want to be a better missionary. 🙂

  4. You guys are so Euro-cool!!!! Love seeing all that you're doing – keep 'em coming.

  5. Not sure I could have survived a day in the embassy with Ella…let alone another one. Great job guys. Can't believe how big both of your boys are! Glad to see Sam's curls are still going strong.

  6. Hey Mel! I have a friend who will be in Prague this weekend and is looking for a place to worship – shoot me an email at with the details of services at Faith and I'll get them to her…

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