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Vienna, Solo

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Monday and Tuesday I (Jake) headed back to Vienna to pick up our short-term visas.

I missed the direct train I wanted by about 5 minutes, and therefore risked changing in Breclav with a 5-minute window. It worked. (These are the kinds of things you don’t try when traveling with kids.)

Of course, it was on the short leg that I had this fancy compartment all to myself.

Then I stayed in the prestigious “small single” at the local hostel. Aptly named.

Whenever I’m in Vienna– both times I’ve been in Vienna– I try to maximize the number of kebaps (same kind of sandwich as Achim’s!) possible in the time available. This stand at the train station claims to be the best in the city… somehow I doubt it.

Nonetheless, it was a fine sandwich. But the one I had last week at the Italian place is my favorite so far. (More research is needed.)

It was a very nice day for the train ride back.

Oh yeah, I did get our short term visas. And of course, the best part was coming home to shenanigans like these:

One thought on “Vienna, Solo

  1. Funny big brother!!!! "Whenever I'm in Vienna"…love it.

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