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the hunts in prague

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Foard Update: Home!

We will have more stories & pictures soon, but praise God with us– Foard and Melissa are home! Foard is much better and we are thrilled to all be together again.

We are now turning our sights on prevention, watching Foard’s diet and environment to see if we can figure out what triggers his eczema, which seems to have been the entry point for all this. So please pray that that will go well, and that we won’t see any more of this excitement!

Please pray also for our mission team. Every household has been hit by illness or injury, most in multiple rounds. We feel like the enemy is coming at us hard in the middle of a fruitful season: two recent conversions of young Czech men, a new Alpha study starting up, and some strategic planning for the future of the church. Please pray for our physical and spiritual protection. Thank you again for lifting us up– we know it’s the only way we could have made it through the past week and a half.

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Foard update (Friday)

Foard is still improving– a little more slowly than we’d like, but definitely improving. Tonight or tomorrow they will take him off IV meds and switch him to oral. Then hopefully he and Melissa will be home Monday. Please pray that this really happens– they tend to keep you a long time in the hospitals here. Overcautious is better than the alternative, but we’re ready for our family to be together.

Today we saw a pediatric optometrist, who verified that there’s no problem with his eyes. He is sleeping and eating better every day, and generally acting more like himself. So the bigger challenge now isn’t being scared for what’s going to happen, but dealing with the hardness of being apart. This is hitting all of us, so please continue to pray. But definitely praise God for the healing he has done and is doing in our little boy!


Foard update (Wednesday)

Highlights from today:

  • M & Foard are now together in a private room. We’re happy they felt good enough to do this, but it’s harder and more work on Melissa. Pray they’ll be able to come home soon.
  • His skin looks a little better today, and he’s been eating better and more alert. Docs continue to be happy with all the test results.
  • Sam is doing well, but is getting sad about M & Foard not being here. Please pray that God will comfort him, and that he and I will have special fun times together that help him get through these days.

We are less worried on the medical front, but more weary and sick of all this. M continues to face the language barrier at the hospital, and we’re both having to act as single parents. Please pray that God will bring Foard home, and that he’ll give us the strength we need hour by hour until then.


Foard update (Tuesday)

Melissa had a good conversation with the doctor today, with a friend translating so everything was clear. Big picture:

  • The latest round of blood work indicates the meds are working; the infection is getting better. (Or going away, or whatever an infection does.)
  • Although his skin isn’t much better, they told us that it could be 1-2 weeks before it’s back to normal. Obviously we hope it’s quicker, but that helps us to have reasonable expectations.
  • They will move him out of the ICU tomorrow and into a room with Melissa. Then they will probably get to come home Friday.
  • We talked with a third pediatrician today who also agreed with the diagnosis and treatment. This really helps our confidence that he’s getting good care here.

Our team & church friends here are taking good care of us. Thanks to everybody all over the world who is praying. Keep it up!


Pray for Foard

Last week Foard developed some spots on his face that eventually spread. After a couple of trips to the doctor, we took him yesterday to the hospital. He’s been admitted and is being treated for a viral infection. They told us they plan to keep him 3 days. The doctors believe he’s doing well, and the skin problems don’t look any worse, which hopefully means it will look better soon.

Please pray for all of us. Of course pray first of all that God would heal Foard completely, that the medicine would work perfectly, and that the doctors will have wisdom to diagnose and treat him. Pray also for us: for Melissa as she stays with him in the hospital, for me as I try to coordinate everything, and for Sam as everything is different. We are scared and weary, but know that none of this takes our Father by surprise. He knew we would be here when Foard had this rare condition, and that we would have to navigate the hospital so early in our Prague life.

Foard’s first name, Malachi, comes from the Bible book of the same name, and the verse we sometimes pray for him is Malachi 4:2, “But for you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings.” Please pray that God will rise and fight for Foard, bringing healing in his wings.


Customer No-Service

If you’ve ever lived in the Atlanta area, you’ll recognize this conversation as one Clark Howard might refer to as “Customer NO-Service.”

We were playing ‘store’ and had this conversation.

Sam: I think you need to have some salad.
Me: May I have some salad please?
S: I don’t have salad.
M: Where can I get salad?
S: You can get it at the store.
M: Isn’t this the store?
S: No- the store is that way.
M: Over here. [walk to where he was pointing] Can I have some salad please?
S: No- the store is THAT way.
M: Can you tell me how to get to the store?
S: You have to go right to go left [Thank you, Lightning McQueen, for adding this conundrum to our daily conversations]
M: Oh. Okay. Here I go.
S: No– you have to go right to go left. That’s right.
M: How about this?
S: No- you go over here.
M: Can you point it to me? Where is the salad store?
S: [big sigh- I am apparently the densest mother on the planet] I will show you.