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the hunts in prague

Easter Out There/Easter In Here

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Our first big holiday in Prague was a neat experience.
Easter is a big deal, but isn’t connected to Jesus, the church or anything religious in any way. From what I’ve read, its roots are in pagan celebrations of fertility, but now it’s really just an excuse to celebrate Spring.
Here‘s a quick article I found.

Old Town Square hosts a big Easter market– everything’s decorated in paper streamers, and there are eggs eggs eggs galore.

Oh! Look at that! A pretty tree blooming right in the middle of the square!
But wait a minute….

…. the blooms are fake!!!

I guess vitaminD deficiencies make anything seem like a good idea.

Some traditional treats:
The lamb cake (this one was at a grocery store).

The trdelnik (cinnamon sugared dough wrapped around a metal bar and baked over coals).

And this thing. No idea. But it looked blogworthy.

At home we did our best to focus on Christ with different activities throughout the week.

We love Noel Piper’s book Treasuring God In Our Traditions, and used her ‘Easter Mountain’ idea to learn more about Jesus’ last week on earth.
Making our mountain and the little wooden disciples

Sam grew attached to this one in the orange sweater, named him ‘Peter,’ and carried him around all week.

The triumphant entry into Jerusalem

The sealed tomb. Next year I think we’ll paint it.

Jesus is alive!

Sam dropped his afternoon nap this week (pray for us!!!), so it was also a great week to unleash the craft lover inside of me.
You could call it a wind sock. Or an octopus. Depending on your age.

Window fanciness.

And, of course, our traditional traditional egg-stravaganza.
The all-brown egg selection limited our decorating possibilities a bit [thanks, Mom & Dad, for the special paints!]…

…but I think they turned out beautifully!

Finally, we celebrated Easter morning at the Davises’– a quick egg hunt, a tasty brunch and a great time with friends.

Happy Easter, everyone!

One thought on “Easter Out There/Easter In Here

  1. delighted to have visited in your home! we also enjoyed the Easter market in Old Square where I purchased six czech eggs to add to our collection at home.

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