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Just Another Day at the Office


The week before Easter some folks from Faith Community Church helped with a project called Prague Reads the Bible. Sasha Flek, the pastor of a local Czech church plant we like to work with headed up a team that came out with a new Czech translation of Scripture last year. This year, as part of a push to draw attention to the project, they organized public readings of Scripture all over the city.

So one Wednesday afternoon, I headed to one of the town squares, guitar in hand (at Sasha’s request) and uncertain of what would happen. Sasha explained that there was a VIP coming to take a reading shift around 5, so he wanted me to play for a few minutes before then to gather attention.

So as I’m getting nervous about this whole thing, an important-looking person in a suit walks up– no entourage or anything– and a soft hubbub comes over the crowd. This is the guy I was supposed to be the warmup act for. Looks like I’m off the hook.

He reads for a while, then a couple more people. (Turns out he’s a candidate for Premier or some similar office.) Then, just before I can fade into the background, Sasha asks me if I can play. Well, all right then.

So here I am, playing and singing “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”– in English– as part of a celebration of a Czech translation of Scripture. You’ll also note that I’m wearing my raincoat, because it was rainy and frigid, and my computer bag, because it’s not a good idea to set that down. What you can’t tell is that I had the music open on my phone in front of me, and was tapping the screen between verses to keep it from turning off. It’s a wonder that revival didn’t break out right there.

On the way back to the metro, I ran into this gentleman trying to solicit customers for his casino. I’m not much of a gambler, but even if I were I’m not sure the ostrich would be a selling point for me.

On the metro I was next to these lovebirds (Yes, I pretended to be texting while taking this picture. And yes, they were… ah… affectionating long enough for me to see, laugh to myself, consider taking a picture, take out the phone, and take the picture.)

Oh yeah, and this happened. God bless the USA.

3 thoughts on “Just Another Day at the Office

  1. WHERE do you live again?! :)funny post…but also glad to see you playing and Scripture being read in public.

  2. stop. tire rap ON the SUV? why do americans insist on embarrassing me everywhere they go? (present company excluded, of course).

  3. Great post. And the dignitary was the Secretary of State aka Foreign Minister

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