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Foard update (Friday)

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Foard is still improving– a little more slowly than we’d like, but definitely improving. Tonight or tomorrow they will take him off IV meds and switch him to oral. Then hopefully he and Melissa will be home Monday. Please pray that this really happens– they tend to keep you a long time in the hospitals here. Overcautious is better than the alternative, but we’re ready for our family to be together.

Today we saw a pediatric optometrist, who verified that there’s no problem with his eyes. He is sleeping and eating better every day, and generally acting more like himself. So the bigger challenge now isn’t being scared for what’s going to happen, but dealing with the hardness of being apart. This is hitting all of us, so please continue to pray. But definitely praise God for the healing he has done and is doing in our little boy!

One thought on “Foard update (Friday)

  1. Ya'll are doing a really good job of making sure all of us who love & care are kept in the loop!!

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