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the hunts in prague

Foard Update: Home!

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We will have more stories & pictures soon, but praise God with us– Foard and Melissa are home! Foard is much better and we are thrilled to all be together again.

We are now turning our sights on prevention, watching Foard’s diet and environment to see if we can figure out what triggers his eczema, which seems to have been the entry point for all this. So please pray that that will go well, and that we won’t see any more of this excitement!

Please pray also for our mission team. Every household has been hit by illness or injury, most in multiple rounds. We feel like the enemy is coming at us hard in the middle of a fruitful season: two recent conversions of young Czech men, a new Alpha study starting up, and some strategic planning for the future of the church. Please pray for our physical and spiritual protection. Thank you again for lifting us up– we know it’s the only way we could have made it through the past week and a half.

One thought on “Foard Update: Home!

  1. Congratulations Hunts! We will continue praying.

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