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Hospital Holiday

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As you probably heard, Foard was in the hospital for 10days fighting a random viral skin infection.
It was definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced as a parent, but the Lord was so near & good to us that I have nothing but thankfulness for the whole thing.
Yes, being in a foreign country made it harder.
Yes, the language barrier was huge.
Yes, there were times I was ready to pack it up and head back to the States.
But we really received excellent care, and the doctors and nurses (especially) went out of their way to help us.

And we have a healthy baby back at home now.
Thank you, Lord!

A few images from our stay:
The children’s wing of the hospital. [not the slanting roof– that’s just bad picture-taking!]

Our room for the last half of our stay– because of the nature of Foard’s virus, we were in a private room– a true luxury!

Our little man on Day9– the improvement was phenomenal!

Tea is a big thing over here– everyone drinks it, and it’s especially important to give to your children [Sam even has it for lunch at school!]
This was my own private tea pitcher and mug.

And these were for the babies on our wing. Bottles of tea. Interesting, huh?

Lots of quality time together!

One of our favorite activities: Sit in the ginormous stuffed chair and think about how it would fit perfectly in a church youth room.

Going home!!!

One thought on “Hospital Holiday

  1. Oh, Punkin'!!!! Bless his heart. Melissa, you are a great mom. At least the room was nice and big – even looked a little cozy. Glad he is home and better!

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