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the hunts in prague

Happy Birthday, Sam!


Sam’s birthday was a blessing in more ways than one.
We thank the Lord that we’ve had these three years with him, of course, but it was also sweet to see our new community here in Prague embrace and celebrate our boy with us.

A couple of hams waiting patiently….

Birthday Stage Fright took over once again when the candles came out…

…but he recovered quickly and seemed to enjoy the plethora of frosting & sprinkles just fine.

He was treated more than royally by his new friends.

Piper was the only one who really enjoyed my birthday craft.
Thanks for showing me the love, Piper.

Parents always outnumber kids at these things.

Thanks, Mark, for the pictures.
And thanks, everyone, for celebrating with us!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Sam!

  1. Happy Birthday Sam!

  2. What kind of cake was that? Love to see a close up.Happy Birthday Sam.

  3. Awesome! I love the cake and I love Sam's curls!!!!

  4. Ditto on the curls!!!

  5. What was the birthday craft?

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