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the hunts in prague

Greece (You’re the One That I Want)


Our mission agency, World Harvest, takes a retreat every three years. It’s amazing to spend the week with hundreds of other missionaries, sharing stories, hardships and prayer requests, and thanking the One who is sustaining all of us.

This year the retreat was near Athens, Greece.
Disclaimer: Greece is gorgeous. Gorgeous. I hope to go back and really get to do some deep exploration sometime. But the demands of our current life stage results in most of our pictures revolving around 1)pool time, 2)nap time and 3)food.

We managed to get everyone out of the country in one piece.

Sweet view from the plane

The view from our room alone was worth the trip.
Looking to the right…

… and to the left.

Dipping our feet in the Mediterranean, and the first time we’d worn shorts since August.

One highlight was the food.
spanakopita, bulgar wheat, grape leaves, lamb– I was in heaven.
Sam especially enjoyed the real Greek yogurt with honey. Here he is finishing off his eighth serving. Mmmmmm….

Piper enjoyed the ice cream.

Another highlight- a sweet morning on a sailboat.
We enjoyed the sun & saltwater…

…and Foard enjoyed some cuddle time in the shade.

First swim!

Can you say, “Free Ice Cream Every Day at 4 o’clock?”

It was a bit warmer than what we’re used to these days.
And, yes, Foard did sleep in the bathroom all week.

Foard is, uh, not a huge fan of strangers.
So when he wasn’t sleeping, he was with us.
In every sense.

We had a skit night, and our team represented well.
More on that later.

Airport buddies.

Another nap.

Home again with our team!

4 thoughts on “Greece (You’re the One That I Want)

  1. yes! i've been waiting for this. sam's hair is AMAZING. foard's belly roll is AMAZING. i'll meet you in greece in 2011?

  2. Wow.Free ice cream EVERY day?!?!?!?jk…these pictures are amazing. Remind me to visit Greece someday.

  3. So fun!!! We were in the same place 3 years ago. Bubbleshare deleted our pictures, but it was fun to see yours….Gray and I knew something was all too familiar about them. so cool. Glad you were refreshed and enjoyed some water and beauty in a different place.

  4. Um- seeing Jake in Melissa's jean jacket just made my day. -Rebecca

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