Blue Sky

the hunts in prague

Walk & Talk


It’s a lot easier to take Sam to school in the car. But the advantage of going by bus/foot is the awesome conversation. Here’s a taste.

9 thoughts on “Walk & Talk

  1. Love that the whole conversation took place while just walking down the hill.

  2. Favorite part: randomly turns around for two seconds and says "I'm walking backward like mater." Awesome.

  3. Well. I love this video. And. I am certain that my mother will love this video as well.

  4. Just now seeing this video ….SOO SOO cute! Only wish it was shot in panaromic.

  5. So fun! Good thing there's a bus coming…it would take Sam a LONG time just strolling along like he does 🙂

  6. He's saying "See that cement?" We talked about cement & asphalt (uh, at least 3months ago).

  7. What a sweet city boy!

  8. Is Prague famous for it's farmer turtles? I'll send you some Claritin in exchange for one….

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