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the hunts in prague


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The Dirks visited last weekend, and we couldn’t have been more excited to see them– it’s been a long four months since we last hugged their necks!
Sam & Maggie could scarcely contain themselves and picked up right where they left off with lots of playing (and the occasional excitement-induced shove or sock to the head and subsequent time out).

Carrie’s actually already blogged about their visit with us, so I stole some of her pictures & quotes, and added our own to the mix.

From the Dirks’ blog:
Immediately the kids started playing dress up.
Maggie looked desperately for the princess outfit but came up empty-handed. She was content with this dragon suit and Sam in his high-water elephant garb.

They played puppet show, raced cars, built pillow forts, and here they are pretending to take a bath (note the hair washing).

On Saturday we took our First Guests From The States to see the sights.
Public transportation is nothing new for these city kids.

If you’re familiar with my fear of escalators, you’ll appreciate the risk involved in the composition of this picture. Me, balancing a stroller with one hand and taking a picture with the other on one l-o-n-g, steep escalator. The Lord is good!

You never know what you’re going to see in Old Town square.
Sam’s interpretation: “Look! Those guys are pretending to be animals!”

Tyler’s a master of panoramia.


Silly walk across the bridge.

Foard had his first taste of the Bridge Band.

Don’t look down!

After a long day of All Things Touristy, we settled in for a nice boat ride on the Vltava.

Carrie made these sweet pjs for Sam’s birthday, and they got to wear them together for some fabulous matchy-matchy bed time.

We failed to capture it, but we did acutually have some adult time in the midst of all this cute kid mayhem. And we even discovered a new favorite restaurant in the process.

We wrapped up our special weekend with traditional Hunt Sunday morning movie time.

We love you, Dirks. Your visit was such a life-giving time for us. We can’t wait to see you in Berlin!

One thought on “Dirk-alicious!

  1. ah so it's been only four months since you left…seems like a whole lot longer. We had a great time, thanks for everything.

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