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the hunts in prague

Wild Animals


School’s out and we’re searching for new adventures to fill our first Praha léto [Prague summer]. Today we visited the zoo– three moms, seven kids, and a wonderful afternoon!

The ‘big’ kids: Sam, Elisha, Sebastian & Simon
“Say ‘Zoo!'”

The babies: Foard, Noah & Issy

A little Man Time by the penguin tank.

To all the boys’ delight, the elephant pooped just as we were getting there.

A brotherly train ride.

Foard enjoyed some deep conversation with this guy

A couple of Jonahs inside the big fish.

“Bah bah bah! I love goats!

You know your trip was a success when….

2 thoughts on “Wild Animals

  1. I can't believe how beautifully healed Foard's skin is in these pics… isn't it amazing how God created our bodies to heal in such a miraculous way? Curtis

  2. I think that's a sleeveless shirt you're wearing! Thinking about you guys and thought I'd say hey. Hope this finds you well! – heidi

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