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the hunts in prague

Tidbits from the Day

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Our Fourth of July cookout theme: Patriotic Monsters, of course!

We weren’t sure whether we’d be able to find corn-on-the-cob here. Thanks, potraviny!

Worship team practice on Saturday night– you can see the team’s youngest member in the corner with his shaker.

On hard days it feels like we’re doing this TO them, but on good days we know that we’re doing this FOR them.

Sam is constantly picking flowers for me to put in my hair. Here’s an attempt to capture my bouquet. So sweet.

So stinkin’ cute… who cares that he’s chewing on a rain boot?

Such a city boy.

This find was described as a “fully, fully, big, fat, giant DOOR!

One lady saw this and thought I was letting him drink Windex.
No no, just good ole natural food coloring in a spray bottle.

One thought on “Tidbits from the Day

  1. Escalator picture is a classic!

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