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Boy Time


Sam is a major daddy’s boy these days. Wants to be with me all the time, gets mad when I leave, etc. So we work in daddy time whenever we can. I promised him a few weeks ago that when he could take off his shirt and put it on all by himself, we– just the two of us– would go get ice cream.

He set himself very diligently to the task, and on about his third marathon training session he got it! So that day I came home from work early for our adventure. It turns out he had been waiting downstairs for some time (i.e. announced 90 minutes earlier “I’m just going downstairs to wait on Daddy”), and as soon as M opened the door he launched down the street:

We discussed who was stronger: Buzz Lightyear or Batman? (Buzz.) Batman or Spiderman? (Batman, probably because he doesn’t really know anything about Spiderman.) Buzz Lightyear or a shark? (The shark, but it was close.)

Best 45 crowns (about $2) I ever spent.

2 thoughts on “Boy Time

  1. Yay for Daddys!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So what you're saying is…. MattP is right. We should ALL fear sharks.

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