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…And the Livin’ is Easy

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We’re wrapping up our summer in a sudden (read: cold & rainy) way here.
The season was different than what we’re used to in terms of weather (read: pasty, white, tanless bodies), but it was still a lovely time to dig our roots a little deeper into our new city and grow grow grow!

Sam took some major strides into Big Kid World

Lots and LOTS of playground time….

….and wishing-we-were-a-little-older time.

Some good naps

A precious few hours at the pool.

and lots of “Plan Bs” when we couldn’t get there.

Fun packages from several sweet friends.

This little gardenia from IKEA bloomed and reminded me of summers in the States. Ahhhh…

Lots of reading… as usual.

We continued to learn about giving others personal space

Some chill time.

General fun & silliness.

Sam started school yesterday and life gets busy again next week for the rest of us. We’re thankful for this sweet summer.

One thought on “…And the Livin’ is Easy

  1. Awww…sweet summer. Can't believe how big Sam looks in his undies!! Love you guys!

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